Annual Report 2014 & 15 final

About US

Rape and Abuse Support  R.A.S. provides vital support and advocacy to survivors of rape and sexual violence and challenges attitudes towards violence against women, men and those belonging to the LGBTI+ community.

Survivors can access information on legal and medical issues. Our work is primarily with survivors of rape and abuse, but we also provide information and support to families, friends and partners to enable them to support the survivor in the long term.

We also work with partners  in the community to address rape and sexual violence, we have a education prevention programme and receive referrals from a wide range of organisations and from survivours themselves.

Our History

Rape and Abuse Support (R.A.S.) was originally formed in 1993 as Aberdeen Rape Crisis. The service was provided by a small group of volunteers who were responsible for the running of the whole organisation.

In 2005 our hard work was recognised by the Scottish Executive and we were able to employ staff. We were also funded by Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council.

On 28th March 2006 we became Rape and Abuse Support a registered Company Limited by Guarantee (Company Number SC299746) having our Registered Office at 88 John Street, Aberdeen. We are also a registered Scottish Charity (Charity Number SC019087) and a full member of Rape Crisis Scotland.

In 2014, RAS moved to 112 Crown Street and expanded its service to support men and boys and in 2015 onwards we have started receiving training to cater to survivours in the LGBTI+ community.


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